11 Acts of Kindness

As I was sitting in Borders bookstore on today, I came across an article in African Vibes about random acts of kindness.  I’ve always liked the idea of Random Acts of Kindness.  I would like to share with you a few suggestions offered in the article.  You might be surprised how far kindness will take you.  Not to mention how good it will make YOU feel giving to another.

1.  Be generous with your smile.  It’s free but can turn a challenging day into a brighter one.

2.  Surprise someone with an unexpected thoughtful gift no mater how small.

3.  Call and checkup on a friend to make sure they are ok.

4.  Share an act of kindness with a stranger.  Pay for their meal, gas or groceries.

5.  Volunteer time to help the homeless.

6.  Send a handwritten letter, postcard or email telling someone why you appreciate them.

7.  Give to a person who seeks help without judging their intentions.

8.  Mentor a child in need.

9.  Show up at your friend’s special events.

10. Remember your friend’s birthday and do something special for them.

11.  Accept, unconditionally the people around you.

Light, Love and Liciousness,


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