Anger Bat

If I earned a dollar for every time I’ve heard, ‘there ain’t no good men out there ‘ or ‘all men are dogs’, I would probably be a millionaire.  Scratch that…a BILLIONAIRE.  I think women have become programmed to say those things.  We have become so cynical of our counter partners.  We have become what my uncle has coined, ‘Anger Bats‘.

When I first heard my uncle refer to a woman as an Anger Bat, I had to ask him to repeat what he said.  I thought I heard the words, but I had to be sure.  When he repeated himself, he also offered an explanation.  Here goes:

Anger Bat (noun) – Woman who is unhappy with herself and everything and everyone around her.  She lashes out at everything in her path.  No one is safe from her wrath.  She will curse, scream, kick and bite without warning.

Does that sound like anyone you know?  Does that sound like you?  Pain, anger and resentment reside so deeply within Anger Bats that their insides are rotting.  No wonder they are diagnosed with “The Sugar” (diabetes), cancer, high blood pressure, chronic heart failure, fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts.  All the hate, rage and pain has not only caused the dis-ease within her body, it has also created an Anger Bat.

If you say there are no good men and you have sons, you say to your sons…YOU ARE NO GOOD.  If you say there are no good men and you have daughters, you say to your daughters…YOU ARE NO GOOD

You see  where there are no good men, there are no good women and no good children.

You live on No Good Avenue.  And to survive on No Good Avenue, you must become an Anger Bat.

The first relationship a man has is with his mother. He comes from her womb. 

Each time you declare that men are dogs, you are declaring that women are bitches.

  The little boy that you are raising will soon become the man you hate, the man you love and the man you just don’t seem to understand.  How can you raise a Good Man if you continue to chant….There ain’t no good men?  How will he ever rise if you continue to beat him down? How can you instill love, pride, and strength when you are playing the role of an Anger Bat?  You can’t.

You may say that you have every right to be angry.  And you know what?  You would be correct.  You do have every right to your anger; however, is that right to anger working for or against you?  I would be so bold as to say it’s working against you.  Not only is it working against you, it’s working against your partner and your children.  And keep in mind, you also have every right to happiness, peace, joy and love.

Light, Love and Liciousness,


© Copyright 2010/04/25  Jacque Keil All Rights Reserved

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