Clear Out The Clutter

When you begin to feel confused, stuck and unsure….CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER.  When your life is a mess on the outside, it’s an indication that your life is a mess on the inside.  For example…ever visited someone’s home and there was clutter everywhere?  Or take a ride in someone’s car and from the looks of the inside you could tell what they had for lunch for the past month?  Yeah, I’ve seen it too.  And in BOTH instances, the person was experiencing all types of chaos in their lives.  If you’re not careful, just being in that type of atmosphere will have YOU feeling claustrophobic.

Clearing Out The Clutter is not about just cleaning UP.  Clearing The Clutter is more about cleaning OUT.  Clearing Out The Clutter is about releasing and letting go of things and/or relationships that are no longer serving your highest good.  Too much clutter can not only cause your physical space to become unbearable, too much clutter can start to weigh you down spiritually as well.  Ever notice how much lighter you ‘FEEL’ when you clean out your closets or your refrigerator or your garage or simply your purse?  There is most definitely a connection between your OUTER space and your INNER space.

Clearing OUT also sets in motion the process of receiving better and sometimes more.  Often times we allow so much ‘old, useless stuff’ to accumulate in our lives that we are unable to receive anything new and refreshing.  We often don’t have enough room in our lives for the joy and the blessings to FLOW in.  In other words… have to Clear Out The Clutter in order to receive Better.

Now don’t get clearing OUT confused with organizing and ‘putting things away’.  Clearing out requires you to GET RID of the excess.  Be mindful that while you are clearing out that you aren’t just RELOCATING the stuff.  For example, you clean out your closet, place the unwanted items in a bag, and then put the bag in your garage.  That’s NOT clearing OUT.  That’s RELOCATING.  When you move things around and relocate them, it’s still taking up space, just in a different place.  If this is how you handle your ‘tangible’ items, this is probably how you handle conflict, unfinished business, uncomfortable situations and even your relationships.  You simply ‘relocate’ them to the ‘back of your mind’ instead of Clearing Out The Clutter.

Right now, do an inventory of your physical space.  Is there clutter?  Are things out of order?  Do you need to clear the clutter?  Start with that place.  Work from beginning to end….from start to finish.  Throw away unnecessary items.  Neatly place wanted items IN THEIR PROPER PLACE.  And as you perform this task, repeat this affirmation……

“As I clear out my physical space, I am clearing out my life in every way. 

I am now putting my life in order, ready to receive all the blessings that are here for me now.’

And it is so,


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