From Mediocre to Mastery

This video is a great example of why Bruce Lee was (and still is) considered a Master.  We are all given ‘talents’.  Yet so many of us squander our talents.  We either use them haphazardly or not at all.  Often times we do not see our talents as Gifts and we take them for granted.

For example, when I was a young girl around 12-13 years old, my Aunt who was the pianist for our church became ill.  Although I had never played the piano in my life, my Grandfather turned to me and told me to play.  When I challenged his request, his words AND the look on his face told me to just do as I was told.  I picked my way through the first few songs; however, by the end of service, I actually played a few chords….:-)  From that point on, I was the pianist for our Junior Choir until I left for college.

I never saw my ability to listen to a song and play it as talent.  I felt I was mediocre at best.  My Grandfather encouraged me to take lessons, which I did for a while, but I never REALLY ‘stepped up to the keyboard’.  Now had I taken more of an interest and actually MASTERED the skill of playing the piano who knows what beautiful music I would be playing now.

I have a keyboard in my home that I play every now and again.  And I’m even considering take some lessons so that I am able to actually READ the music I play….:-)

Whatever your talent, your gift….GO FULL OUT!!!!!  Don’t settle for mediocre when what lies within is Masterful.

Respect to the Great Bruce Lee


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