Happy New You

This is usually the time of year when people reflect on the past year and make plans to experience a better next year.  However, I implore you to think back a little farther and plan out a little farther.  Think back on the past 10 years.  What did you do with those years?  Are you in the same place at the end of this year that you were at the beginning of 2000 (10 years ago)?  It’s sad to say, but most people are.  They are still working  jobs they hate, their finances are a mess and their relationships are in ruins.  January 1, 2011 begins a new year and a new decade.  This could be the year, the decade that you make some REAL changes in your life.

Here are a few tips on how you can start over and live the life of your dreams:

1.  Define what living means to you. When asked what the ‘perfect life’ looks like,  most people will answer in general terms.  They will say they want to live in a ‘nice’ home, drive a ‘nice’ car, and have ‘enough’ money to pay their bills.  The problem with generality is that it’s general and leaves room for ‘error’.  Be specific about what you want.  Lay out all the details down to the color, size and amount.  Dream as large as you like and put it all down on paper.  Don’t just think it in your head, write it down on paper, execute your plan and welcome the changes into your new year, your new decade, your new life.

2.  Clear space . Now that you have a clear picture of what living means for you, it’s time to make room for it.  You will need to get rid of the old so that the new has a place to reside.  The first (and best) place to start is in your head.  Get rid of your old negative way of thinking.  They have served you for the past year (or decade); however, now it’s time for them to go.  Let them know that you have accepted another way of thinking.  You have accepted another way of life.  Once you begin to clear the clutter from your mind, the next step is to clear the clutter in your immediate space…..your home, your car, your work area, etc.  Understand that you are not LOSING anything, you are preparing to GAIN.

3.  Surround yourself with people who enjoy living. When clearing space, you may find it necessary to clear people as well.  Remember the saying….you are the company you keep.  Well, there’s some truth to that saying.  If you surround yourself with negative, bitter, miserable people, that’s exactly what you will experience.  As painful as it may be (initially), in order for you to make a LASTING change in your life, you will have to let go of people who are not aligned with your energy.  WARNING……you  may find yourself feeling alone at times.  But please know that you are NEVER, EVER alone.  When you raise your vibratory frequency, you allow others who vibrate at that frequency in your space.  So, go out and create new friends.

4.  Push your boundaries in every way. When we stretch just a bit intellectually, physically, emotionally, we grow. Living is growing.  Step outside of the known into the vast unknown.  Yeah, I realize it can be a bit risky; however, it is sooooo worth the risk.  You’ve been doing the known the past year (or decade) and you keep getting the same results.  If you want something different for your life, you will have to be willing to travel into the unknown.  So break through the glass ceiling.  Reach towards the heavens.  You might be surprised to find your ‘dream’ life waiting just beyond the horizon.

5.  Value and protect your new life. Once you have defined what living means to you and you have begun to execute your plans for said life, be mindful of who you share it with.  Everyone will not understand.  Everyone will not agree.  Everyone will not wish you the best.  If it’s worth working for, it’s worth protecting.  Remember, this is YOUR life.   Protect it from the naysayers and the unbelievers.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, a Happy New Decade, a Happy new Life,


© Copyright 2010/12/31  Jacque Keil All Rights Reserved

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