I’m So Not There Yet

Recently, a friend asked….”Jacque, how did you arrive?”.  My response….”I haven’t.  I’m still arriving.  At least I think I am.”

In my journey of self discovery, there is only one thing that I know for sure…..I don’t know anything for sure.

You see this path of Self discovery never ends.  It is eternal, limitless and ever expanding.  We never FULLY arrive.  At least not while in human form.   We only have grand delusions of arriving.  The moment we imagine our Selves to be THERE, we become Aware that there is more traveling to be done—for Who is The One who is Fully Aware, and Who is The One who is Aware of this? Similar to Abbott and Costello’s ‘Who’s on First?’ script.  We would keep going round and round in circles in an attempt to answer this mystical question.

If you were truly FULLY aware, you would not know it. And if there is a part of you that knows you are FULLY aware, that means there must be a part of you that is observing you and measuring what you know. Yet what part of you is that, if you are already complete and full?  This must be the part of you that’s not yet there.

I’ve witnessed people (and groups of people) proclaiming to be FULLY aware and having finally ARRIVED.  Yet, as long as there is a “you” that seeks to be Fully Aware, absolute full awareness is not possible, because there must exist at least two aspects of the Self: (1) That Which Seeks to Be Fully Aware, and (2) That of Which The Seeker Seeks to Be Fully Aware.

Awareness + Non-Awareness = Realization. When you awaken to this fact, all the anxiety of ARRIVING will cease.  Besides, the fun is not in the ARRIVAL.  The fun is in the TRAVELING.

Care to join me in travel?


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