Jacque Keil Enterprises, LLC, is a professional and personal consulting company. We offer a variety of classes, books, workshops and e-courses that are based on universal laws and spiritual principles. Our desire is to facilitate and support Personal Growth and Spiritual Evolution. We believe that personal well-being and spiritual unfolding is a function of knowing who you are, why you are here, and your Life’s purpose. We believe that recognizing and understanding how universal laws and spiritual principles operate in your life leads to a fulfilled life.

Simply put, we believe that through personal development and disciplining of the mind, we become aware of our connection to God and one another. When an individual is on purpose s/he is empowered to create and manifest his/her own unique experience and expression in life. We believe that the ability to contribute begins with personal healing and spiritual growth. We believe that living in alignment with spiritual law activates the recognition and ability to embrace spiritual principles that results in healing and growth. We endeavor to facilitate, support and advance healing and growth by Empowering, Enlightening and Educating one person at a time.

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