Same S.H.I.T. Different Year

We are soon to witness the end of one year and the beginning of another.  In approximately 13 more hours (depending on where you live) 2012 will be no more.  When the ball drops at midnight people all over the country will be celebrating and wishing each other Happy New Year.  The irony of it all is that although most people will be alive to see 2013, they won’t LIVE in 2013.  Truth be told most people are stuck in S.H.I.T. (something happened in time).

You ask, ‘Jacque, how do you know this to be true?’  I know because I was stuck in S.H.I.T.  My past experiences with a Lover kept me from truly experiencing a new Lover.  My past experiences with ‘failure’ kept me from starting  new businesses.  My past experience with so-called friends kept me from developing close bonds with new friends.   Well, that’s just me, right?  Nope, unfortunately not.  I’m sure I am not alone when I say I know people who talk the same talk year after year, who walk the same walk year after year.  They insist on holding on to S.H.I.T.  They continue to feel anger and bitterness.  They continue to believe in lack and unfairness.  They continue to blame others for what they are experiencing (or not experiencing) in their lives.  They are unaware that the S.H.I.T.  they are holding on to is what is keeping them from being, doing and having what they say they truly desire.

After listening to people tell me about their S.H.I.T. , I ask them….So, what is the problem NOW?  They quickly respond with, “I just told you.  Weren’t you listening?”  I ask again, what is the problem NOW?  As in RIGHT NOW, THIS SECOND, what is the problem?  They still argue for their S.H.I.T.  They don’t want to let go of it.  When I explain that whatever it is they are talking about is NOT happening right now, all I get is blank stares.  I explain that RIGHT NOW we are simply two people, sitting together, dialoguing while enjoying a meal or drink….nothing more, nothing less.  Their problem does not exist in the NOW.   Then I get the famous….”I know it isn’t happening right now, BUT”.  They fail to see that the problems they experiencED is not happening RIGHT NOW.  The problem either already happened or hasn’t happened yet.  We live in a world of past experiences and projections.  Most of us do not live in the PRESENT.  We don’t ever really enjoy NOW because we either keep going back for S.H.I.T. or forward for future S.H.I.T.

Now this is not to say that things won’t happen.  That we won’t ever encounter some challenges.  We will.  Even in the challenging times, live in the now (which could be a challenge in and of itself).  Take care of what needs to be taken care of now.  Don’t put it off until it becomes more S.H.I.T.  Handle your business RIGHT NOW!!!

There is a peace that comes with living right now.  There is a sense of delight and fulfillment that comes with the gift of right now.  But most will not ever know that peace, that delight or that fulfillment because they will continue to be stuck in S.H.I.T.  You can experience something different, something better than you’ve ever experienced before, but it’s gonna cost you something.  It’s simple, but it sure ain’t easy.  This is gonna take some time and some undoing on your part.  This is gonna take moment to moment kind of dedication.  You’re gonna have to let go (of your S.H.I.T.) and BE (with) God.

Here’s to a New You in the New Year!!!!!!


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