The ABC’s To Living Your Dreams

If I were to ask 10 people to recite the English ABC’s, I bet 9 out of 10 will start smiling and SING them.  That’s how we learned them and that’s how we recite them.  Not to mention there’s something about saying your ABC’s that takes you back to a happy moment in your childhood.  I think that’s where the smiling comes in to play.  Now if I were to ask those same 10 people to tell me their purpose of Being, I would see solemn (if not blank) looks on their faces.  We have become so busy and so serious that we have forgotten what it’s like to just BE.

Today I’d like to go over the ABC’s with you.  No not from A alllll the way to Z.  Just the first 3 letters.  And to add a little spice to it, we’ll take the letters backwards.  Let’s talk about the CBA’s  and how you can use them to remember and fulfill your purpose.  I say remember because we all come here knowing, we just tend to forget.  So here goes:

C – is for Clarity.  In order to walk in your purpose and live your dreams, you must first become ABSOLUTELY CLEAR about what they are.  Too often we use general terms.  When asked, ‘how much money would you like to earn?’.  We answer….’a lot’.  Well, what’s a lot?  A lot is relative.  When asked, ‘what type of job/opportunity are you looking for?’  We answer….’just something to pay the bills’.  Or the most common answer……I Don’t Know.  And you wonder why you aren’t living your dream life.  Ummmmm, could it be because you aren’t clear as to what your dream life looks like?  Next step….

B – is for Belief.  Once you have become clear on what you want for your life, the next step is to BELIEVE that is it possible.  Most of us will snatch our dreams from fertile soil before it even has a chance to grow a root.  We’ll say we want a thing and in the same sentence say……’maybe for someone else, just not for me or now’s not the time’.  We’ll see the dress in the boutique’s window and come up with every reason why we can’t have it.  It’s too expensive, it’s not the right color, it’s not the right size.  We’ll do all of that standing OUTSIDE the window and never even go inside to find out ……the cost, if there are other colors and sizes.  So, the next time you see that proverbial dress, BELIEVE it is yours and SEE yourself rockin’ the hell out of it.  You might be quite surprised at how fast things show up if you just believe.   Next step…

A – is for Action.  Although all 3 alphabets (steps) are important, this is where the shit hits the fan.  It’s not enough to become clear and to believe.  You have to take it allllll the way through.  You must take ACTION.  Intending to do a thing is not enough.  As the saying goes…..the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Once you have become clear, and you believe (and see) it for yourself, you now have to go out and make it happen.  You have to be willing to do what others aren’t.  We all have had at least one million dollar idea; however, without action, there is no value.  You know that scripture…..’Faith without works in dead’ ~ Mark 16:16.  You have to get clear about what you want, believe in yourself and your abilities and take action.

Now you’ve sang your CBA’s, tell me are you gonna change your ways.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself….lol

In love,


© Copyright 2010/12/09  Jacque Keil All Rights Reserved

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