Thoughts and Self Talk

I’ve always been a lover of words; however as of late, I have found myself in a Love Affair with them. I am beginning to have more of an appreciation and innerstanding of the power words hold. The words that roll off your tongue and spill from your lips contain within them life AND death. So with each word you speak, you are either speaking Life or Death. How powerful is that?

For the most part, we are aware when we engage in conversations with others. Yet, we fail to pay close attention to the conversations we hold with ourselves on a daily basis. You might be surprised at some of the things you tell yourself without a single CONSCIOUS thought about what you are saying.


Most of us have been programmed to speak a certain way.  We say things like:

Why did I do that? That was so stupid?  I’m so stupid.

I’m never gonna get this right?

I hate this job?

I hate my life?

I’m broke.  I never have any money.

Things will never get better for me?

I’m always sick.

My skin, my hair, my teeth, my weight……uuuugggghhhhhh

These are just a FEW conversations we have with ourselves on a DAILY basis.  We tell ourselves these things over and over again and we’re surprised when they manifest themselves in our lives. You speak what you think and what you think is manifested in your life. Proverbs 23:7 KJV, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” You are literally what you think and your character being the SUM of your thoughts.  It is nearly impossible to think sickness and BE well, to think lack and BE abundant, to think hate and BE love. 

Whatever you are experiencing RIGHT now is the accumulation of your thoughts BACK then.

Think of your thoughts as ‘seeds’ ready for planting.  Whether you tend to the ‘garden of your mind’ or not, SOMETHING will grow.  If you choose to plant seeds of fruitfulness, FRUIT will grow.  If you choose to plant seeds of uselessness, WEEDS will grow.  You are the Master Gardener and your life is the garden.  Therefore, what you think about and focus on will grow.  And not just grow, but grow in ABUNDANCE.  So whatever you THINK about on the inside is what you will EXPERIENCE on the outside.  There is no way around this.  There are Divine Laws and Spiritual Principles in which we live.  You can try with all your might to circumvent these Laws and Principles;  however, you will fail……MISERABLY.  These Laws and Principles are ABSOLUTE.

Until your thoughts and your speech are linked with purpose there will be no accomplishment in your life.  You must first conceive your purpose within your heart, think it, speak it and then act upon it.  Speak only those words that will empower you.  Remove yourself from negative thoughts, words and people.  You’ve heard the saying….’you are the company you keep’.  Well, to some great degree, this is true….especially if the company is you.

Thinking and speaking only words that empower……..


© Copyright 03/11/2011 Jacque Keil All Rights Reserved





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